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Chongqing resources and environmental protection of Career Academy

Chongqing resources and environmental protection of Career Academy is approved by the Chongqing Municipal People's government, the Ministry of education for the establishment of full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning (School Code: 14557). The college is organized by Chongqing's rising investment Limited by Share Ltd. It is a specialized level of higher vocational school, which is mainly composed of environmental protection. College is located in the hometown of stone carving, China Western hardware of Longgang Dazu District of Chongqing City Street West community.

At present, the Institute is stepping up the construction of the first half of 2015 to complete the first phase of construction and put into use. College will become the partition function reasonable coordination, education facilities with complete functions, learning elegant and pleasant living environment information, the garden green low carbon campus.

College of environmental engineering, environmental science, circular economy and low carbon economy, environmental art and service department, the Department of ecological environment and construction management system and other six departments. According to the concept of environmental protection of the whole process of management, will open more than 20 professional, from the source of environmental protection to create a clean production to the middle of the cycle of economic and then to the end of the project management and its extended professional professional system. First set up environmental monitoring and control technology, resource and environment and urban management, environmental art design, engineering cost, real estate management and valuation, high grade highway maintenance and management and other six professional, for the national enrollment is to cultivate the resources and environmental protection professional talent education is a full-time ordinary institutions of higher education. College students are encouraged to obtain an undergraduate degree in the school through the title of this book, and other ways. The college will also establish cooperation with foreign famous universities to provide opportunities for students to go abroad for further studies.

College attaches great importance to the building of the contingent of teachers, actively rely on strong Chongqing University, Southwest University and Chongqing NLD organizational teacher talent advantage, through the introduction of high-level personnel, hired a number of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises of the well-known experts as a visiting professor, building first-class part-time teacher team. The Institute will also rely on cooperation in Chongqing city engineers association, Chongqing University, Southwestern University, and other aspects of cooperation, the establishment of Vocational Education in Chongqing City, "double teacher type teacher" training base. At the same time, college is to increase investment, high construction quality of a thought, rich experience in teaching full-time teachers has been facing the recruitment of the full-time teachers of 70 people, management staff of 36 people. At present, is stepping up the formation of a fine, and combination of teachers and management team, in order to usher in the first new students to be fully prepared.

To strengthen college library construction, and strive to achieve all kinds of books within 5 years (including electronic books) 500000 copies, 100 copies per student. Strive to achieve the annual volume of paper books to reach more than 20 books, electronic books, periodicals and literature data in the variety and quantity of a breakthrough growth.

College is the only one in the western region of China. The school is the only resource and environmental protection special personnel training school, we believe that the high degree of attention and social support in Chongqing City, we must be able to run into characteristics and level, will become the ideal place for students to study, for local economic and social development and ecological civilization to make positive contribution.

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